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  • Cover page from the Frost & Sullivan's white paper Overcoming hybrid work challenges with smart desk devices

The number of American executives planning to invest in new tools for virtual collaboration to support hybrid working. ¹

The number of executives who said average employee productivity had improved in the pandemic, versus 44% of executives who said employee productivity had improved in 2020. ²

97% of the workforce wants changes to make work environments safer. ³

Discover simple ways to deliver a safe return to office experience.

Enhance employee health, wellness and safety.

Support your teams with solutions that integrate health, wellness, and safety into every work space and employee touchpoint.

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Deliver engaging experiences for everyone.

Go beyond basic video conferencing with collaboration devices that engage every employee across every work space.

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Hybrid workplaces: how do you actually do it?

The verdict is in: hybrid workplaces increase productivity and are overwhelmingly preferred by employees.

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