The back-to-work butterflies are real

Put their minds at ease with an enhanced technology experience

Excitement. Nerves. Concern. Joy. Coming back to the office is creating a mixed bag of emotions for employees. As an employer, you have one job: do everything you can to create a reassuring, seamless, and stable return to work, including technical enhancements for physical safety, optimal health, and peak mental wellness. Build safety into your very infrastructure and leverage automation to help keep everyone safe. Let employees focus on what they do best, and let Webex devices take care of the rest. 

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Stress-free status updates

Share prominent, proactive safety communications to alleviate any employee concerns right off the bat—or right off the elevator. Digital teams communications, placed in public spaces, can provide high-impact messaging and deliver real-time updates around pertinent safety news and data. Keep employees connected and included with global teams communications.

"Recreating social connectivity in virtual and hybrid settings is tough but essential." ¹

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Come on in, contact-free

Webex devices enable a touchless guest experience through voice and gesture controls, allowing companies to minimize contact with surfaces in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways, and meeting rooms.


The percent of workers who said touching shared office devices is a top safety concern. ²

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Give them some space

Webex Rooms uses advanced sensor technology to ensure that healthy occupancy levels are maintained in meetings, so your employees can remain focused on the task at hand. Webex devices can be integrated to automatically control air quality and temperature, and even adjust window blinds touch-free. 


Say knowing whether a room is over capacity is a top concern. ³

Make some room

Teamwork makes the world go round

Drive employee engagement and foster a sense of inclusion among team members—wherever they are—through interactive technology.


of workers say that workplace collaboration tools have made it easier for them to do their jobs. ⁴

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Sparkling rooms, frequently freshened

Webex technology can automatically notify facility services when team members are clear of meeting rooms, to ensure frequent refreshing of facilities.


The number of employees who say that knowing when a room was last cleaned is a top safety concern. ⁵

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Set them up for success

Webex devices feature ergonomic designs, from optically bonded glass for reducing eye strain, to intelligent background noise reduction for lessening audio anxiety. Ergonomic equipment plays a key role in decreasing employee stress and fatigue, and it also increases productivity.

Take the hard work out of doing work with Webex smart technology:  

  • Cancel out background noise with noise reduction technology, making concentration easier for the attendee as well as fellow meeting attendants. 

  • Reduce video fatigue with the mitigation of known stressors like overly produced sound and over-exposure to blue light. Webex devices reduce eye strain and offer natural sound akin to what you would experience in an in-person conversation.  


The number of workers who report frequent frustrations with video meetings. ⁶

Technology patience-testers by the numbers:
50% poor audio quality
34% laptop fatigue as a top frustration
28% concerns about background appearance

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