We are returning…but we are never going back

The secret is out: flexibility and autonomy increase productivity. Your employees have gotten a taste of freedom, and employees and employers alike have learned that work-life flexibility really does enable better productivity. Spreadsheets and soccer practice can coexist. Conference calls are better with a cat on your lap. Businesses thrive when they provide the best of all worlds...and the best of all workspaces. 


The number of managers who say they are now more open to flexible workplace models for their team than they were before the pandemic. ¹

Let’s go

There’s no “I” in team. But there is a “We” in Webex.


The number of workers who say that workplace collaboration tools have made it easier for them to do their jobs. ²

Video conferencing is amazing—but it’s just the beginning. Make sure everyone is included and engaged with a truly immersive experiences, powered by Webex devices.

Make collaborative experiences pop with enhanced features like:  

  • Reactions  

  • Gestures  

  • Ideations polls, surveys, Q&A

  • Automated note taking and meeting transcriptions via AI and voice activation

  • Integrations with other popular collaboration technology like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Suite  

Level up

Webex works everywhere, so you can too.

Coffee shop. Corporate office. Cabin upstate. Webex Desk Series devices enable you to spin up an office in a snap, anywhere. Get easy and consistent access to your familiar workflows, tools, and user experience, whether you are hot-desking, hoteling, or working from home.  Webex devices empower you to create an inclusive employee experience anywhere.  

Get your on-the-go office

Make room scheduling a breeze

Need a room? Webex is your concierge. Simplify room scheduling with digital location maps that provide current room availability, including occupancy levels, technology setup, and current health status.

Get some breathing room

Meeting room with four attendees. A woman standing by a screen presenting its content.

How do you say “You’re hired” in Mandarin?

Get access to top talent across the globe. No barriers. No buggy tech issues. Just the same seamless Webex experience from a Shanghai skyscraper to a coworking space in Colorado Springs, and everywhere in between.  Global team communication has never been so easy.  

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