The Webex Desk Mini

The new portable desk for working anywhere is here!

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Create an instant office anywhere with the Webex Desk Mini. This compact desk device packs plenty of power: a 15-inch interactive 1080p display, 64-degree HD camera, full-range speaker, and background noise removal mic array.

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Webex Hologram

Experience the richest collaboration experience yet with Webex Hologram, a real-time, photorealistic holographic interaction that goes beyond video conferencing for a truly immersive experience.

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Webex Desk Mini - color options
Desk Mini

The portable all-in-one collaboration device that enables you to make any space an office. Easily turn your living room or dining room into a productive workspace. Find all of the features you need to work, meet and co-create in this compact 15-inch interactive 1080p display; 64-degree HD camera, full-range speaker and background noise removal mic array.

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Cisco Webex Board Pro - Floor Stand - front, white background
Webex Board Pro

Webex Board Pro is an integrated system that helps your teams collaborate in any meeting space, join Webex and third-party meetings with one button to push, use your go-to productivity tools via web apps, and connect with remote members with ease to become more productive.

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Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980

Hear the difference with the Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980. The headset that brings together class-leading audio and business communications to deliver an engaging, high-end audio experience that excels in elegant and tasteful design, craftsmanship of the highest standard, and immersive sound.  The Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980  is packed with technology that enhances communication and empowers you to work-from- anywhere. 

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Desk device at home with a man smiling and having a pleasant conversation over webex
Webex Connected Experience

Bringing collaboration to new heights, the Webex Connected Experience allows you to feel fully included with a solution that engages you and your team. Through a Device led experience, whether on Webex in your home, at an office hot desk, in a huddle space or using a digital whiteboard, you will enjoy a frictionless flow to your working day. Collaborate with ease through a single experience when you are meeting, messaging, calling or brainstorming with your colleagues on Webex devices.

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Cisco Headset 320 Hero Quarter Dark on white background
Headset 320 Series

With the 320 headsets you will find a lightweight design and clear audio with a directional microphone and noise cancellation. Providing an easy setup that saves time and offers quick deployments for new employees. 

Quickly join meetings without digging through your on-screen applications with the Webex button. 

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Desk Mini - Room Kit Mini - WebexOne Home Office
Hybrid Work Experiences

Take a tour though the workplace of the future. From the home, to the coffee shop, and even the front line, this is your guide to turning any space into a productive workspace.

Download the Hybrid Work Experiences E-book

Device guide for remote work

Choosing a path forward on your remote work journey.

Woman working from home office in bedroom using Cisco Headset 730 and webex on a laptop

Download this guide, where we’ll offer some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to go remote, show you what’s needed, and help you choose a path forward on your remote work journey.

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Man standing in a office cubical on a video call with four people on a screen with a Webex Desk Camera attached.

Return to the office with Cisco.

It’s time to see the office differently.

From the corporate office to the home office, businesses must prioritize health, wellness, and safety while providing engaging and collaborative employee experiences.

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Say hello to Google Meet for Webex Devices

Join Google Meet video calls from Webex devices.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Video-enabled Rooms

The Best Practices guide is available in a new version for 2021, helping you get the most out of your video- enabled rooms when you return to the office. The guide covers everything you need to know for configuring great meeting spaces, safety at work during COVID-19 and best practices for successful video meetings from your home office.

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  • A welcoming personal home office featuring the Cisco Webex Desk Pro personal device.

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A welcoming personal home office featuring the Cisco Webex Desk Pro personal device.
The Hybrid Workplace

Organizations have embraced videoconferencing as a way to support remote working and continue their operations. We want to reshare our learnings in this guide.

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Cisco Cloud Deployment

With Webex Edge for Devices, you can keep call registration and media services on-premises with no impact on your PSTN calling, while gaining cloud benefits that will transform your workplace.

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