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From the corporate office to the home office, businesses must prioritize health, wellness, and safety while providing engaging and collaborative employee experiences.

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With Cisco devices, the quality makes you feel like you are in the same room, even if there’s a screen between you.

  • Cisco Headset 730
  • Webex Desk Camera
    US $199 *
  • Webex Desk Pro
    US $4,512 *

* Pricing is for guidance and planning purposes. This is not a binding offer from Cisco. Prices may vary on country and region. Price does not include Cisco Supported Services. Return within 30 days of purchase for online orders.

** Additional costs for support and installation services may apply.

*** Pricing upon request.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Video-enabled Rooms

The Best Practices guide is available in a new version for 2021, helping you get the most out of your video- enabled rooms when you return to the office. The guide covers everything you need to know for configuring great meeting spaces, safety at work during COVID-19 and best practices for successful video meetings from your home office.

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At Cisco we believe that the workspace and the technology are equally fundamental ingredients to build a successful team.

Project Workplace is a continuous research platform where we pioneer new ways to work together.