Hybrid workplaces: how do you actually do it?

The verdict is in: hybrid workplaces increase productivity and are overwhelmingly preferred by employees. There’s just one pressing question: How do you make the dream of a well-functioning hybrid workplace a reality? How do you keep morale up and costs down?  

The answer is Webex devices.  

Webex devices help companies build an inclusive culture by:  

  • Ensuring everyone has an inclusive experience during team collaboration, with remote workers feeling as included and engaged as in-person employees—every voice matters.  

  • Prioritizing the well-being of employees and facilitating stronger relationships from anywhere with Webex’s ergonomic and collaborative offerings.  

  • Providing flexible solutions that will adapt for any workstyle 

  • Making hybrid work more seamless with central management and frictionless administration 

  • Deploying zero-trust security with end to end encryption and authentication for users and room devices 

Build the future of work 

Configurable workplaces. Touch-free devices. Those cute tiny individual hot sauces.

Boxed lunches over buffet lines. Configurable pods instead of fixed cubes. Sensor-based facilities instead of surface contact. No more cubicles, but hot desking that requires “clean in, clean out” procedures.  Hybrid workplaces usher in a whole host of new challenges and opportunities for facilities teams, and Webex devices can help.  

Data-driven devices to keep things running smoothly

Webex data can help you keep your organization lean and efficient by providing key insights about environmental conditions, traffic patterns, energy consumption, and people density. Facilities can breathe easy knowing they are providing a comfortable and safe environment while still conserving resources.  

Webex devices allow you to:  

  • Share updated safety protocols in real time  

  • Use digital signage to show the last time a room was cleaned  

  • Provide greater visibility into usage patterns to make optimizing resources—from utilities to IT bandwidth—faster and easier 

  • Get alerts around energy inefficiencies and safety issues  

  • Staff facilities appropriately, according to onsite volume  

  • Implement voice control to minimize touching surfaces wherever possible  

  • Prioritize return-to-work phasing by role, occupancy, and appointments  

Don’t let coffee shop work spill the company beans


"The number of companies who said cybersecurity is extremely important or more important than before the pandemic." ¹

"Remote access is no longer an edge case; it's the primary case, and the importance of secure remote access management has never been greater." ²

Make remote work seamless and secure by providing the right access to the right workers, wherever they are.  Ensure employees can connect seamlessly, collaborative inclusively, and keep confidential information safe.  

Power them up

Make a hot desk feel like home

Just because an employee doesn’t work in the same place every day doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy a familiar routine and have a sense of belonging.  

Keep the experience consistent by:  

  • Giving staff an identical online experience wherever they are  

  • Providing access to the integrated tech stack they know and love: Webex, Google Workspaces, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more 

  • Utilizing intelligent wayfinding, so that when employees do come into the office—no matter how rarely—they can easily find their way

Set up and stay awhile

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