Your cloud adoption journey

Take your devices to the cloud and experience the full capabilities of Webex Devices.

Using this guide, you can enable the rich features and capabilities of Webex devices. The guide will show what actions are needed at each stage to enable specific features on your journey to the cloud.

Tailor your organization's cloud experience using Cisco's flexible architecture

The flexibility of Cisco’s architecture allows you to take incremental steps to be on the cloud. This architectural flexibility also allows you to make decisions about your calling setup and other existing investments.

If you wish to retain your on-premises calling set up, or you have calling on cloud, the following steps are the same, with a few exceptions which are noted in each section. If you have not yet established your calling setup, read the calling section to review which setup is right for you.

You can learn more about how to get started with Webex by viewing the Webex adoption toolkits and guides.

Enable the rich features and capabilities of Webex devices

This guide will show what actions are needed at each stage to enable specific features on your journey to the cloud.

Getting Started

The four main things to consider when starting your cloud adoption journey.

Learn more about getting started

Read the Webex Cloud Migration E-book

Experience Optimizations

Webex integrates with the tools you use today, to optimize your employee experience.

Learn more about Experience Optimizations


Webex is a flexible platform, and we have a variety of calling options to satisfy your needs.

Learn more about calling

Enable Webex Optimized Experience

Get the ultimate meeting environment with all the best features by enabling Webex optimized experience.

Learn more about Webex Optimized Experience

Home Office

As organizations shift to hybrid workplace models, a well-functioning home office is critical to effective collaboration.

Learn more about home office

Workspace intelligence

Cisco’s cloud capabilities on Devices empowers your organization to prepare for a safe return to the office.

Learn more about workplace intelligence

Enable other meeting platforms

You can’t be expected to commit to a single platform. And with Cisco Webex devices, you don’t have to.

Learn how to enable other meeting platforms

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