Your cloud adoption journey

Take your first steps to the cloud with Cisco Webex Edge for Devices.

With Webex Edge for Devices, you can keep call registration and media services on-premises with no impact on your PSTN calling, while gaining cloud benefits that will transform your workplace.

The deployment journey to Cisco Webex Edge can be broken down into three areas: first, check you have basic prerequisites in place, then move to the fundamentals section for core components required to implement Webex Edge. Once you have fundamentals in place, move on to the optimizations that make the Webex experience come alive.

Before you start – prerequisites

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To link your devices to Webex cloud with Webex Edge for Devices, your devices need to be running an encrypted version of CE9.14.5.

When you want to link devices, use the Device Connector tool. Device Connector is a tool you can download from Control Hub. It runs locally on your computer and is a one-time connection.

Read more about Webex Edge for Devices and its prerequisites here.

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Ensure your devices are able to access the Webex Cloud over HTTPS. Ensuring your devices can access via port 443 direct or through a proxy is all that is required. No additional ports or infrastructure is needed.

The following devices can be linked:

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Before configuring Control Hub you will need licenses for the devices you want to link with Webex Edge for Devices. The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan allows organizations to use Cisco’s industry-leading collaboration tools with one simple subscription-based offer. It helps with transitions to the cloud, and investment protection, by including cloud, on premises, hosted and hybrid deployments, with the flexibility to use them all.

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Refer to the Flex license plan information and the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan. If not using the Flex plan, please contact your Cisco sales representative.

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