Cisco Headset 320 Hero Quarter Dark Transparent

Cisco 320 series headsets

Maximize your investment with affordable wired headsets designed for everyday office use with enhanced productivity features.

Uncompromised functionality
Affordability doesn’t mean compromising on functionality. With the 320 headsets you will find a lightweight design and clear audio with a directional microphone and noise cancellation.

Easy setup
A plug and play setup saves time and offers quick deployments for new employees. Enjoy an easy setup with deep integrations for Cisco IP phones, Webex devices, and Webex apps.

Productivity features
Quickly join meetings without digging through your on-screen applications with the Webex button. When it’s time for a meeting, users will receive an alert via the LED button and an in-ear notification. ​

This product will be orderable in September 2022.

This product is not available for purchase.

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