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Hybrid Calendar – Join meetings with One Button To Push

With Hybrid Calendar Service, you can connect your on-premises Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Workspace (G Suite) environment to Cisco Webex. This integration makes it easier to schedule and join meetings, especially when mobile; no plugins are required.

Hybrid calendar gives you:

  • Simple Meeting Scheduling

  • Meetings List

  • Join meetings with One Button to Push

  • Organization-wide Default Language

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Joining meetings with One Button to Push Illustration Image

Joining meetings with One Button to Push


  • Although you do not have to migrate off TMS for management or calendaring, we strongly recommend upgrading your TMS experience and using Control Hub for management and Hybrid Calendar for calendaring. Control Hub is the next generation of device management and analytics and gives you an optimal experience in these areas.

  • Only one calendar service can be used at a time, so when you decide to go with Hybrid Calendar, you will no longer be able to use TMS for calendar services.

  • Exchange Administrator/Office 365 Admin/Google Admin needs to assign devices a resource account with an email address. This email address will need to be assigned to the workspace in Control Hub.

  • Plan for calendar migration and create a workspace up to 28 days in advance via Control Hub.

Single Sign On

Single Sign-on (SSO) allows people to use a single, common set of credentials for all Webex and other connected apps. This provides simplicity for users, assists with adoption rates, and provides greater security and compliance. Setting up SSO also lets you take a phased approach to control which Webex services users can access.

If you have your own identity provider (IdP) in your organization, you can integrate the SAML IdP with your organization in Control Hub for SSO.

You can set up SSO for your organization in Control Hub. First, establish a SAML agreement between the Cisco Webex Platform Identity Service and your IdP. After this, you can enable SSO from the Settings menu.

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The elements required to set up Single Sign-on

Directory Connector

Directory Connector allows you to maintain user accounts and data in Active Directory and make changes in one place. When you make a change in Active Directory, it is reflected in the Webex cloud. Directory Connector also gives extra functionality such as Webex Assistant and People Insights. 
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