Create a memorable welcome for your employees and visitors by leveraging the web capabilities of the Webex Desk Series or Board Series.

    Welcome your guests with the Cisco Webex Board 70

  • Local meeting icon

    Welcome your guests with your own tailored message and branding or let them know that the receptionist will soon be back.

  • Streamline your visitor services by enabling a smooth guest check-in with the Webex Board 70.

  • Local meeting icon

    Using our camera and microphone, you can easily create a virtual receptionist.

  • Local meeting icon

    Display your online floor plans and provide interactive wayfinding to your visitors

  • Display any website relevant for your employees and visitor, like the local weather.

  • What’s for lunch today? This is also a great place to share all your employee communications.

  • Like letting your guests easily order a taxi.

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Cisco Webex Board 70

All-in-one collaboration device for wireless presenting, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing.

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