Create a memorable welcome for your employees and visitors by leveraging the web capabilities of the Cisco Desk Series or Board Series.

    Elevate the workspace experience with Cisco Desk Pro
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    Welcome your guests with your own tailored message and branding or enable a smooth guest check-in experience.

  • Display rich 3D maps, show real-time occupancy of conference rooms and shared spaces, and provide a glimpse at workspace stats including temperature, air quality, humidity and more.

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    Display your online floor plans and provide interactive, mobile-enabled wayfinding solutions to your employees and visitors.

  • Reserve a shared desk or book a meeting room using Cisco or third-party applications on a responsive, multi-touch screen.

  • Display any signage or website to inform your employees and visitors around internal communications, safety guidelines and workspace stats to elevate the workplace journey.

Cisco Desk Pro

The Desk Pro transforms the way you work, collaborate, and co-create from your desk or in a shared space. Featuring a 4K, 27-inch touchscreen, 71-degree FOV 12 MP camera, 3.1 sound system, and advanced noise-canceling mic array, the Desk Pro provides an exceptional video meeting experience.

The Desk Pro is fully enabled for collaboration experiences and includes the same video, audio, ideation, and APIs that are available across the Cisco portfolio. With a USB-C connection, the Desk Pro is your all-in-one docking station and primary monitor, offering a simple, exceptional collaboration experience that extends beyond the Cisco portfolio to support your collaboration tools of choice.


You may qualify for additional discounts with active Enterprise Agreement or active User Agreement. Request quote to learn more.

US $5,495 *

* Cisco Suggested Resale Price (CSRP) shown are a Target End Customer Price and are dependent on the specific offer model/configuration. CSRPs are provided for guidance and planning purposes only and may vary by country/region. This is not a binding offer from Cisco. Price does not include optional hardware accessories or Cisco Supported Services.

** Additional costs for support and installation services may apply.

*** Pricing upon request.


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