Webex Desk Hub device

Webex Desk Hub

A personalized collaboration experience at any desk. Get wireless pairing, simple authentication, and secure collaboration wherever you work.

The Webex Desk Hub reimagines the desk experience for the new office environment with a fully manageable solution for enabling hybrid work at scale. It helps to optimize real estate by gathering real-time environmental, occupancy, and desk usage data.

It’s hotdesking reimagined.

Enjoy consistent and familiar controls that allow you to view your calendar, join upcoming meetings with touchless voice commands, and make and receive phone calls. 

The Webex Desk Hub was designed for a safe return to office with simple wayfinding from your app and on-screen digital signage to guide you to an available desk.

The Webex Desk Hub features:

Wireless pairing
Authenticate using your mobile phone, plus charge it at the same time.

Touchless experiences
Use Webex assistant voice commands to view and join meetings, view your calendar, and more.

Calendar integration
See your upcoming meetings and join them from the Webex Desk Hub.

Digital signage
Stay informed by knowing when a desk is open, reserved, or needs to be cleaned using digital signage.

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