The Cisco Webex Room OS experience

Cisco devices are intuitive, easy and make working together using technology a genuine and human experience.

Discover the features that build the Cisco Experience.

Loud and Clear

Find the tools to hear and see your coworkers better. Great sound and high-quality video make it easy to talk honestly to each other and have fun during video meetings.

True Reactions with HD Quality

Experience more true face reactions from co-workers by seeing and hearing them correctly with our high-quality sound and image technology.

Discover sound and image in sync with our HD video calls. Our Cisco devices support up to Ultra HD (4K) video calls.

Intelligent layout

Adapt to any number of participants, choose what’s center stage and build the layout to get the most out of your video meetings.

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Intelligent layout

Mix it up

With our end-points and Cisco Room OS you can modify the layout of your conversation in a number of ways, whether you’re one-on-one, four, eight, sixteen, thirty two or sixty four.

Smooth Framing with Speaker Tracking

With one to four cameras, our AI technology smoothly frames everyone in a video call - and closes in on people to enhance who's speaking.
The Presenter Track has cameras that will frame the presenter naturally and automatically for a larger audience.

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Directional audio

Enrichen your perception with audio mirroring the conversation layout or placement of participants in another room with directional audio.

Personal and intuitive

The Cisco Experience uses helpful AI technology and other features to adapt and respond to your actions – Because a device and workspace should feel natural, personal, and effortless.

Quickly Join a Meeting with One Button to Push

With One Button to Push it's easy to join a meeting. Just press "Join."

Seamless Pairing Between Devices

Walk up to any device with your Webex prepared laptop or mobile phone. The device will know who you are and make your meetings available.

Say "Ok, Webex."

Join touch-free on both board and desk, say “OK Webex join the meeting.”

Effortless Room Booking

Our AI technology proactively asks you to join a meeting just by being in the same room as our seamless room booking device.

Book a Workspace room straight from a device for more predictable availability, and avoid being interrupted in your Workspace room.

Personalize Your Device

Personalize your Cisco device and get access to your favorite contacts, meetings, and content right on the device. No need to navigate through your computer.

With a Personal Mode, you have a unique set up on the Cisco device, including the tools you need for more access and a smooth workday.

Works with 3rd Party Apps

Our devices are certified to work correctly with 3rd party apps, giving you easy access right on the device.

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Touch and Draw Between Devices

Make your computer into an even better collaboration tool by connecting your personal device with a cisco device and get touch capabilities.

Create and Share

Let great technology be a part of great teamwork. Share ideas and communicate clearly with coworkers for a better workflow.

Co-create Content

It's easy to share My Content in full HD video resolution, and co-create with a local whiteboard using a device connection.

With Content Share, guests can also share screen on Cisco devices.

Direct Draw and Share

Create content by drawing directly on our Board and Desk devices. Share content now by Webex Space or Email, either from a Webex account or an ad-hoc meeting.

Engaging Presentations with Immersive Sharing

Discover more engaging presentations by immersive sharing where you are present in the presentation during a video call.

With several virtual backgrounds to choose can hide the mess behind you in a video call or choose a fun backdrop for a special occasion.

Helpful AI Technology

With our exceptional AI technology, the Cisco device takes notes and auto transcribe live meetings for you.

The Intelligence Assistant automatically translates people in a call and adds subtitles.

One coherent experience

Our wide range of dedicated devices offers something for everyone – regardless of work styles/lives and scenarios – with the same great user experience.