Better control wherever you are

Take full control over all the Cisco end-points and services in your company. With Control Hub you have easy access and real-time monitoring to the entire ecosystem.

Administering Room OS in the workplace

Cisco Webex Control Hub offers a holistic view of all your Cisco Webex services. Manage your services and users, provision devices, view detailed analytics and reporting, and configure security and compliance policies.

Cisco Webex Control Hub - the administration environment created by and for admins

Webex Control Hub delivers IT with a centralized, single-pane-of glass capable of supporting all phases of the service lifecycle, from configuration through optimization and dashboards with rich insights into usage, diagnostics, and performance.

Real-time analysis of workspace and room allocations

Never have air quality, room occupancy and heath been more important in the office. Collect and take action on important data that can be key in ensuring a comfortable and safe workplace. Thanks to machine learning, Webex can now recognize and count people whether they are wearing face masks or not —no matter where they are in the room. This is critical to ensure compliance with room capacity limits.

Live signage with interactivity

You don’t need separate solutions to broadcast and share information across company. With RoomOS you get an interactive mode. Add maps or other content specific to your company or building and have it seen across the venue.

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Make it your own

RoomOS let’s you customise the look and feel so it fits right into your brand visuals.

You know, there’s an app for that ...

Meet, call or brainstorm an idea that can turn into the next big thing – all on one platform. RoomOS enables your Webex Room devices to deliver magical collaboration experiences.

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