HuddleRetreat from an open workspace for a private, collaborative face-to-face conversation.2 - 5 people
ExecutiveLead your team and connect with strategic partners with a high quality meeting experience from your office.1 person
BoardroomImmersive panoramic video collaboration with rich content experience, without losing the local in-room communication. Its like cutting the room in half, and adding 5000 miles in between. Designed as a premium experience for the modern C-Suite.12 people
Content CollaborationTeam tablet lets you present, whiteboard, and meet. Note: Cisco Webex Board requires a subscription.2 - 9 people
MeetingGather the team together in an everyday workspace and bring in remote participants.7 people
ConferenceGather the team together in an everyday workspace and bring in remote participants for extended collaboration.10 - 20 people
Video CentricSee every detail when face-to-face matters most.4 - 8 people
Open Huddle5 people
BriefingGet everyone’s attention with the presenter front and center.24 - 100 people
Physical ContentEngage with remote teams when reviewing physical products or samples. Link to video demonstration and link to the third-party remote control macro can be found at the last page of the document in:8 people