Your cloud adoption journey

Take your devices to the cloud and experience the full capabilities of Webex Devices.

Using this guide, you can enable the rich features and capabilities of Webex devices. The guide will show what actions are needed at each stage to enable specific features on your journey to the cloud.

The flexibility of Cisco’s architecture allows you to take incremental steps to be on the cloud. This architectural flexibility also allows you to make decisions about your calling setup and other existing investments.

If you wish to retain your on-premises calling set up, or you have calling on cloud, the following steps are the same, with a few exceptions which are noted in each section. If you have not yet established your calling setup, read the calling section to review which setup is right for you.

You can learn more about how to get started with Webex by viewing the Webex adoption toolkits and guides.

Home Office

As organizations shift to hybrid workplace models, a well-functioning home office is critical to effective collaboration. The correct setup enables workers to keep in touch and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues in the office or at home.  

In most cases, the home network of a worker is sufficient for high-quality video conferencing experiences. Check the guidelines for network requirements.

Once you have registered your devices to Webex cloud, either the user themselves or the admin can set up the device to receive calls directly. In addition, you can manage and monitor all the cloud-registered devices remotely from Control Hub.

The activation codes for your users can be created from Control Hub. For example, if the users have a Webex account setup, they can generate an activation code using settings in Webex

For admins, learn more about assigning a desk device to a user

Read how to activate a code from Control Hub
Read how to add and manage users in Control Hub

Note: This is only applicable for Webex Cloud customers, not Webex Edge customers.

Devices assigned to a user have the option to be set up in personal mode.  Personal mode ties the device to a specific user (like a laptop or phone being assigned to only you).

Personal mode has many advantages, including giving One Button to Push for calendared meetings, and ringing automatically when someone calls the user directly.    

Learn more about Personal Mode.  

Note: Remote sensor data and remote management of these devices are limited to be in compliance with data privacy.

To activate

From Cisco Webex Settings, you can get an activation code to set up your device without having to be an administrator. To do this, go to the settings page and add a device to receive the activation code. 

When you get your new device, go through the setup wizard and enter the activation code when prompted. If you need to re-register a device, go to the Settings menu and select Device activation and Cisco Webex. Again, go through the setup wizard and enter the activation when prompted. 

After you have finished the setup, your device is ready for use.

Read more about how to set up your device.