Your cloud adoption journey

Take your first steps to the cloud with Cisco Webex Edge for Devices.

With Webex Edge for Devices, you can keep call registration and media services on-premises with no impact on your PSTN calling, while gaining cloud benefits that will transform your workplace.

The deployment journey to Cisco Webex Edge can be broken down into three areas: first, check you have basic prerequisites in place, then move to the fundamentals section for core components required to implement Webex Edge. Once you have fundamentals in place, move on to the optimizations that make the Webex experience come alive.

Enable Webex optimized experience

Get the ultimate meeting environment with all the best features by enabling Webex optimized experience.

With Webex optimized experience, you can choose to have a cloud meeting experience using an on-premises registered Webex device without the need for any routing setup on the call control platform.

When a Webex device is linked to Webex Cloud with Webex Edge for Devices, the signaling for call control and media flows are left on-premises. Meaning:

  • Webex Meeting call requests route directly from the Webex device (cloud call)

  • Any other calls are still controlled by the local call control platform (Unified CM or Expressway) including 1:1 to a cloud user or another cloud device.

Enabling Webex optimized experience gives you access to premium cloud in-call functionality such as:

  • Consistent App and devices experience

  • Advanced collaboration through white-boarding, including two-way whiteboarding

  • In-meeting Intelligence such as face recognition name labels and Reactions

  • Far end camera control

  • Directional audio

  • Advanced meeting and host controls including:

    • Lock meeting

    • Record

    • Admit, Admit all

    • Activate Webex assistant for closed captioning (license dependent)

    • Lower all hands

    • Transfer host

    • Transfer host and leave

    • Mute/Unmute All (Webex device still needs to manually unmute)​

    • Mute on entry

    • Allow participants to unmute themselves

You can enable Webex optimized experience from the Device Configurations on Control Hub.

Before enabling, you will need to:

Read here to learn how to enable Webex optimised experience.

Read more about the  Network Requirements for Webex Service.

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