Webex Hologram

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A hologram of a man holding a physical product in his hands
Be an early adopter of the next big business disruptor with Webex Hologram.

The future of collaboration is here—and we saved you a seat. Don’t get left behind on what industry insiders are calling the next big thing in hybrid work. Experience the richest collaboration experience yet with Webex Hologram, a real-time, photorealistic holographic interaction that goes beyond video conferencing for a truly immersive experience.

Webex Hologram

Webex Hologram will help you improve business efficiency by:

Facilitating and enhancing remote training and design reviews
Sparking innovation and inspiration by recreating the chemistry of an in-person interaction
Further scaling business around the globe
Hologram of a man giving training in a physical product, with holograms of images in front of him.

Be an early adopter

This is just the beginning. Holographic meetings are a fast-developing field. Got a big idea or use case that you’d like to try out with our product? Reach out to your account manager to start the conversation and schedule a demo. Alternatively, if you do not want a demo but would like to hear more, please send your details to wxhologram@external.cisco.com

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